Prospective Students

Hello prospective students! I've written a few helpful guidelines to help you organize your campus visits and graduate school applications.

Graduate School Applications
I am always very interested in recruiting motivated and creative individuals for graduate studies. If you are preparing your graduate school application and wish to catch my eye, my principal criteria are a body of evidence 1) indicating that you're capable of doing independent research (journal articles, conference papers, research internships, and student research), 2) demonstrating that you're proactive in solving your funding questions by applying to fellowships (e.g., NSF, NDSEG, NSTRF), 3) showing that you can handle graduate studies, and 4) providing indications that you'll be a pleasure to work with!

Undergraduate Research
My research program includes a large number (30-40) of undergraduate researchers. Most choose to engage in hands-on research while working on the student-led RECONnaissance of Space Objects (RECONSO) CubeSat, set to launch in 2018. For individuals interested in working on RECONSO, recruitment campaigns are typically conducted during the first week of each semester, before Phase 2 registration ends. For students interested in working on the Georgia Tech Space Object Research Telescope (GT-SORT) or more theoretical research, I encourage you to contact me directly via email.

Campus Visits
I make every effort to meet with prospective students when they are visiting campus. Of course, advance planning yields the best results. I have a full travel schedule, meet with each of my students every week, teach, conduct research, and perform various service activities, so my calendar on a given day can be relatively full. Again, advance planning and communication with me is best. Simply send me an email and we'll find a meeting time that works.