Past Students

Past Ph.D. Students

Ryan D. Coder (2016)
Multi-Objective Design of Small Telescopes and Their Application to Space Object Characterization

Johnny L. Worthy, III (2017)
Initialization of Sequential Estimation for Unobservable Dynamical Systems Using Partial Information in the Presence of Systemic Uncertainty

Past M.S. Students

Byron Davis (2013, PhD studies in AE)
Eric Douglas (2013, Gulfstream Corporation)
Jason Fernandez (2014, Aerospace Corporation)
Marina Bagot (2014, General Electric)
Colin McEwen (2014, Orbital Sciences)
Nicole Tyman (2015)
Kyle Matthews (2015, Boeing)
Adam Snow (2015, Entrepreneur)
Angela den Boer (2016)
Bolys Sabytbek (2016)
Mariusz Groette (2016, Lecturer, University of Tromso)
Patrick O'Connell (2016)
Midhun Matthew (2016, Boeing)
Marcus Pereira (2016, PhD studies in ECE)
Kirk Barrow (2016, PhD Studies in Physics)

Past B.S. Students

Jared Lee (2016, Raytheon)
Lubna Zubair (2016, Blue Origins; MS at UC Boulder)
Luke Alexander (2017, SpaceX Redmond)
Lourenco Jara de Carvalho Vale de Almeida (2017, MS at Georgia Tech)
Eric Avari (2017, MS at Georgia Tech)