How to Design a Raven-class Telescope

Please join me in congratulating Ryan Coder (Ph.D., August 2016) on his paper Multi-Objective Design of Optical Systems for Space Situational Awareness being published with Acta Astronautica. The full abstract is:

The successful implementation of Raven-class telescopes to detect, track, and characterize space objects has led to their widespread adoption. Selection of commercial-off-the-shelf components that optimizes the performance of such systems for a specific optical environment or mission is addressed. A collection of multi-disciplinary relationships and relevant assumptions necessary to create a physics-based optical systems model is presented. Several performance metrics are developed to quantify the utility of such systems. These metrics are used in a multi-objective optimization framework to produce optimal design points lying on the efficient frontier. Several trade studies are presented to demonstrate the efficacy of Raven-class telescopes.